Tove Ragna Reksten


Tove Ragna joined the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) & Reimbursement team at the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) in 2018 after ten years of academic research. As a pharmacist counselling patients in community pharmacies, she learnt the importance of making critical health information easily understandable and readily accessible. While working and studying abroad, she’s had her share of encounters with incomprehensible treatment and insurance plans, and a general frustration trying to understand why and how decisions affecting herself have been made. Within the universal health care model in the Norway, the health technology assessments play a crucial role in determining which treatments and procedures shall be made available. 


Tove Ragna believes all patients should be able to understand the analyses, evaluations and conclusions that form the basis of these decisions. Introducing and incorporating lay summaries in NoMA’s HTA reports is but one step towards improved health literacy in Norway.


Health technology assessments (HTA) in plain language - Or how NoMA restores trust in public health decisions

Presented by Tove Ragna Reksten, PhD, Senior advisor HTA, Norwegian Medicines Agency


Language is power. Abusing that power deprives citizens of their right to contribute to society and violates their trust in public decisions. Public health decisions have major impact on people’s lives. Decisions on whether or not people get access to new potentially life extending drugs are even – rightfully or not – perceived as life-and-death decisions. Negative outcomes are hard to accept, and NoMA’s team of health economists, pharmacists and communication specialists have joined forces to bring greater understanding for the principles and priorities that guide health care decisions. 


Join this presentation to: 

  • learn from our process of identifying and defining domains meeting our reader’s needs while honouring their subject-matter knowledge

  • laugh with us at our feeble attempts to beat “health care experts” on Facebook at their own game

  • take pride in how two PLAIN 2019 conference speakers inspired a movement within NoMA

  • get a sneak-peak of how a country’s new Language Act is paving the way for greater health literacy


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