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Tim Fendley

I see the world in terms of creating aesthetic solutions to real-world challenges. My particular obsession is to understand how design can change behaviour for the better - when design simplifies people’s lives, we improve understanding and freedom.

Tim Fendley is an information designer. He help’s people avoid getting lost. His company Applied creates information systems for some of the world’s most important places. Tim created Legible London to make London the most walking-friendly city. The unified walking system has a higher proven impact than any other and has become the international standard for citywide wayfinding.. His most recent project, The COVID-19 Design Toolkit, is a freely available response to the current crisis


Tim’s work with Applied has created citywide systems for London, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Seattle. Transport systems for Vancouver, Dublin and Toronto, and system architecture for global companies and institutions such as the MET, Princeton University and Google. Tim has taught at the Royal College of Art working with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, a department focused on inclusive design.