Susan Kleimann



Language has the power to help people live better lives.


Since 1997, Susan has developed and tested high-impact plain language documents that touch millions of people. For example, in the U.S., every time a person 1) applies for a mortgage, 2) gets an estimate of closing costs, 3) receives an appraisal, 4) completes the sale of a home – that person is using one of the documents that Susan and her colleagues developed, designed, and tested. In 2019, about 5 million homes were sold.


Susan holds a Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric. Her interests include how design improves understanding and the ethics of plain language being used to mislead. She’s served as Chair of Center for Plain Language, introduced the ClearMark Awards, and has worked toward ISO Standards for Plain Language, soon a reality. Under the duress of COVID-19, Susan chaired our community’s first virtual conference – Access for All, October 2020. For leisure, she delights in the energy of her grandchildren with a side of tennis and someday travel.