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Shelly Davies

I’m the popping candy of the corporate training world.

Shelly Davies just might be the new face of plain language (chin tattoo optional). She used to think she was Little-Old-School-Teacher-Shelly, but now she claims a rock star brand that surprisingly appeals to government departments and multi-national corporates, and wins awards along the way.

​A Waikato Business Awards Finalist 2017, Māori Women’s Business Awards Winner 2018, her work has won New Zealand Plain English Awards. Shelly says that her work is focused on untraining – undoing all of the bad habits we pick up at university and through our careers.  With hashtags like #writelikeahuman and #authenticitywins, Shelly encourages research-based approaches to writing in more authentic ways, with a natural voice that increases confidence and trust.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister: The masterclass in crisis comms that saved a country

Shelly Davies, Writing, Joy, Badassery

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has drawn international attention for her work during the COVID-19 pandemic. While much of that has been about her strategy, her style of communication and human-centred approach has been praised again and again.


I’ve analysed two of the Prime Minister’s major announcements: first, to put the entire country into lockdown before even one death had occurred, and second, to again lockdown our largest city immediately once a new case was found in the community.


We will discuss the techniques she uses that have so effectively gained the support and cooperation of her nation not once but twice, and in doing so has saved thousands of lives.