Rebecca Wright



Rebecca is committed to creating streamlined, intuitive digital products that everyone can access, understand, and use.

Rebecca is a skilled writer and editor who excels at working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams to create accessible, engaging websites and digital products. She approaches all projects with a content-first ethos, a deep knowledge of clear communication best practices, and tireless advocacy for her audience’s needs. 


With a decade of diverse experience in plain language writing and editing, Rebecca has created health content for small nonprofits, large federal agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. She’s also an avid baker, singer, and folk dancer. Rebecca has previously presented at IHA’s Health Literacy Conference and at the CDC National Center for Environmental Health.


Inclusive Design in a Digital World

Presented by: Rebecca Wright, Senior Content Strategist, CommunicateHealth and Fredrick van Geloven, Designer, CommunicateHealth


As websites and other digital products become increasingly ubiquitous, it’s vital for plain language communicators to understand how design and web development considerations impact who can access our content — and who’s getting left out. 

Inclusive design is an approach that starts with acknowledging and working within users’ limitations, including physical disabilities, cognitive needs, available technology, and other barriers to access. It’s not about accommodating people with disabilities — it’s about designing products from the ground up so that they work better for everyone. 


Join this presentation to:

  • Learn about different types of barriers to accessing information, including physical and cognitive disabilities, technical limitations, and situational barriers

  • See examples of digital products created using an inclusive design approach

  • Leave with specific design strategies you can use to go beyond plain language and make your content truly accessible to all


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