October 15th

08:00 EDT
  • Barbra Kingsley, Host

08:10 - 09:30  EDT
An International Case Study: Using Plain Language to affect the outcome of the health crisis COVID-19 
Live Conversation
  • Diane Levin-Zamir, National Director, Department of Health Promotion, Israel

  • Shelly Davies, Rock-star, business writer, trainer, New Zealand

  • Russell Willerton, Professor, Georgia Southern University, USA

09:30  - 09:45 EDT
Review of related speaker videos
  • Kate Murphy, Netherlands

  • Nadja Green, Sarah Slabbert, Iske van den Berg, South Africa 

  • Tim Fendley, Louise Carlsen, Sean Fulton, Great Britain

09:45  - 10:30  EDT
COVID-19 ClearMark Awards
Live Conversation
  • Stacy Robison, CEO, CommunicateHealth, USA

  • Barbra Kingsley, Host

10:30  - 10:45  EDT
Closing Ceremony
  • Susan Kleimann, USA, Chair, Planning Committee

  • Ingrid Slembek, Switzerland, Clarity, Planning Committee

  • Kathryn Catania, USA, Center, Planning Committee

  • Irene Stotko, South Africa, PLAIN, Planning Committee

Live Conversation
11:15 -12:30  EDT
ClearMark Awards
Live Conversation
  • Casey Mank, USA

  • Barbra Kingsley, Host

  • Stacy Robison, USA

12:30 - 12:45  EDT
Farewell, final announcements, and thank yous
  • Barbra Kingsley, Host