October 13th

08:00  EDT
Welcome from the three hosting organizations
  • Julie Clement, Clarity, President

  • Barbra Kingsley, Center for Plain Language, Chair and Host of Access for All

  • Margrethe Kvarenes, PLAIN, President

08:10  - 09:15  EDT
Plain Language and our responsibility to ensure Access for All 
Story 1
Live Conversation
  • Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, Michigan Supreme Court, USA

  • Dana Chisnell, Senior Fellow, National Conference on Citizenship and Partner-Founder, Project Redesign, USA

  • Julie Clement, Clarity, USA

09:15 - 09:40  EDT
Review of related speaker videos
Story 1
  • Lynda Harris, New Zealand

  • Whitney Quesenbery, Brenda Wright, Sally Marsh, United States


09:40 - 10:00 EDT
Plain Language Musical Interlude
10:00 -11:05 EDT
Using Plain Language to improve the criminal justice system
AFA Story 2 Criminal Justice
Live Conversation
  • Amreeta Mathai, Racial Justice Program, American Civil Liberties Union, USA

  • Andrew Torrez, co-host, Opening Arguments, Founding Partner, The Law Offices of P. Andrew Torrez, LLC, USA

11:05 -11:30  EDT
Review of related speakers videos
AFA Story 2 Criminal Justice
  • Vera Gergely, Hungary

  • Florence Cols, Belgium

  • Margaret van Naerssen, USA

  • Frances Gordon, Candice Burt, South Africa


11:30 - 11:45 EDT
Plain Language Musical Interlude
11:45 -12:30  EDT
Celebrating 10th Anniversary of U.S. Plain Writing Act
AFA Icon 5.png
Live Conversation
  • Annetta Cheek, USA

With video appearances from 

  • Former U.S. Representative Bruce Braley

  • Kathryn Catania, Center for Plain Language

  • David Lipscomb, Lead Federal Report Card, Center for Plain Language

12:30 - 12:45  EDT
Wrap-up and preview of day two
  • Barbra Kingsley, Host