Milva Finnegan



Translating contracts into value for your business.

Milva is currently pursuing her doctoral degree (DSc Econ) from the University of Vaasa in Finland. In May she will publicly defend her doctoral dissertation, titled “User-Centered Design: A Key to Contract Simplification,” in the field of business law.  Her passion is to advance contract management practices by introducing new innovative approaches to design contracts that produce usable and user-friendly contracts. In addition, she is engaged with the International Plain Language Federation's (IPLF) certification committee to increase the professional acumen for those working in the field.


Milva has worked as a practitioner in the field of contract and commercial management for 20 years. Her career started at the Boeing company, where she worked for 12 years in various contracts and finance roles. For the past 8 years, she has been running her contracts consulting company, Karhu LLC, which helps clients implement contract management best practices, simplify contracts, and implement contract management technology. In her free time, she enjoys competing in triathlons, travel, and most of all spend time with her three children.


Contract Re-design via Simplification – How to Create User-friendly Contracts

Presented by: Milva Finnegan, PhD candidate University of Vaasa Finland. Contracts Manager and CEO, Karhu, LLC


This presentation focuses on how to contract simplification to make contracts readable and usable. The ideas presented is founded on a user-centred approach to re-designing contracts. Contract documents are complex in both content and writing style. To make contract documents user-friendly and assuring the intended audience can comprehend the information the idea of plain English standards along with information design principles are considered. Design thinking and communication design principles are essential to shifting away from how contracts are traditionally written. Introducing the idea of design thinking to integrating plain English, structure simplification, clear layout and graphic design as part of contract document development can have an immense impact on tailoring the information for the intended audience.


Join this presentation to:

  • Understand why every individual who enters into a contract has the right to read and understand what they agreed to

  • Learn about making contracts readable and understandable to those who use them. 

  • How to develop a user-friendly contract.


Two useful resources:

  • Clarity Journal #64 November 2010 – ‘Defining plain language’ by Annetta Cheek. 

  • JusletterIT  2018 – ‘From a Natural Language to a Controlled Contract Language’ by Milva Finnegan. Available on ssrn.