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Margrethe Kvarenes

Margrethe Kvarenes is Head of Unit and a plain language expert at the Language Council, the axis of plain language initiatives in Norway’s public sector. As a plain language advocate, author, keynote speaker and trainer she played a central part in building the field of plain language in Norway. She also serves as President of Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), where her main focus is to make value for PLAIN’s members and to spread plain language practices and knowledge world wide.

Margrethe is a trained translator in French and holds a Master of Business Administration in organizational psychology and change management. She brings her academic knowledge into the field of plain language and has a keen interest in what makes people want to change their writing habits and behaviour. She spends her spare time outdoors as much as possible, hiking, biking and breathing.

How and when to regulate plain language

Presented by Torunn Reksten and Margrethe Kvarenes at the Language Council of Norway

Norway is on the verge of implementing-and-enforcing regulatory plain language requirements. This is the story of Norway’s plain language journey from start-up to having plain language legislation.


In 2020, the Norwegian parliament will pass two law-proposals requiring plain language from the public sector: The new Public-Administration-Act and the Language Act. The legislation should take plain-language in Norway to the next level and contribute to further access and inclusion. But is this the right time to regulate? How do we implement the law? Do we have the systems to follow it up?


Join this presentation to:

  • know the details of a successful national plain language campaign

  • get arguments for when and how to regulate plain language

  • reflect upon possible obstacles to compliance

  • broaden your plain language horizon further :)


Walk away with:

  1. Norway’s plain language story (article)

  2. The results of Norway’s national plain language program (evaluation report)

  3. Norway’s brand new language act (in Norwegian only)