Frequently asked questions for keynote speakers

Quick Date Checklist

  • August 26 Video Webinar @ 9 am EDT (it will be recorded for later viewing)

  • August 26-28 Schedule when you want to tape your talk

  • September 4 send your talk summary no later than this date

  • September 7 - 21 Tape your talk with conference technical team on scheduled date 

    • Select a time slot for videotaping of your talk at this link 

    • When you complete your selection, the date and time that you select will be sent to our video production partner, Message Makers and a member of the conference logistics team.

  • October 5 -October 9  Rehearse and technical checks

  • October 13   Access for All begins at 8:00 am EDT

  • October 15 Live broadcast of conference ends around 1 pm EDT

Important Contact Details

If you need technical assistance prior to the recording of your talk, please email us at 

How will we do this?

Our video production partner, Message Makers, will work directly with you to record your talk. After you have booked a slot using the Calendy link, Jess from our logistics team will be in touch to confirm and send you a zoom invite to your session.

Recommended equipment for recording your talk

  • A computer (no more than 10 years old) running Windows 10, or MacOS 10.13.6+.
  • If using slides, the most recent updated version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, typically as a part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. Alternatively, it is possible to record audio-only using the most recent version of Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac OS.
  • An HD USB webcam such as the Logitech C920. Built-in webcams can work too.
  • A headset/mic combo (such as an old iPhone headset, or headphones with a separate microphone. Alternately, a built in microphone on a laptop will often work in a low-noise environment.

What is the format for my talk summary?

Title of your talk: Summary: 80 - 100 word summarizing key points of your talk. Be sure to link it to Plain Language and the theme of your story Three Points: Add either 3 points your audience will take away from your talk.

Where can I watch the speaker webinar recorded on 25 August?

Go to this link. Enter the password: plainlanguage. At the bottom of the screen you can view the questions that were asked during the webinar, and by selecting “View Answer” the recording will be positioned where that question is answered.

How long should my talk be?

Your keynote speech should be approximately 18-20 minutes long.

How do I register for the conference?

1. Head to or .org . 2. Click on the Registration tab at the top → click on Register now. 3. Scroll down to Speakers and Volunteers under the Tickets heading. Enter ‘1’ as the number of tickets required and click Checkout. 4. Fill in the Buyer Details on the screen. Enter coupon code: CPC10 and hit the arrow to the right of the coupon entry. 5. Check your information and enter Place Order. 6. You’ll receive an email with your ticket to the conference.

Registration discounts for followers

Your followers, or associates, who would like to attend your talk and discussion with our host can register for a CPC Speaker Day Pass Discount ($75 per day) They follow the procedure above, but in item 4 they enter the keynote speaker’s last name into the code box. As an exception, followers of Andrew Torrez will enter: OpenArgs instead of Andrew’s last name.