Frequently asked questions for keynote speakers

Quick Date Checklist

  • August 26 Video Webinar @ 9 am EDT (it will be recorded for later viewing)

  • August 26-28 Schedule when you want to tape your talk

  • September 4 send your talk summary no later than this date

  • September 7 - 21 Tape your talk with conference technical team on scheduled date 

    • Select a time slot for videotaping of your talk at this link 

    • When you complete your selection, the date and time that you select will be sent to our video production partner, Message Makers and a member of the conference logistics team.

  • October 5 -October 9  Rehearse and technical checks

  • October 13   Access for All begins at 8:00 am EDT

  • October 15 Live broadcast of conference ends around 1 pm EDT

Important Contact Details

If you need technical assistance prior to the recording of your talk, please email us at