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Katrin Hallik

Katrin sees plain language as a tool for empathy, involvement, and security in any society.

Katrin works as a Senior Language Planner at the Institute of the Estonian Language. She has promoted clear language in Estonia by creating cooperation between different institutions, organizing clear language trainings, presenting in various media. She has launched the Clear Communication Award.

Her goal is to create awareness about clear language, building the clear language strategy and provide clear communication tools for Estonian public institutions. This spring she was the coordinator of a voluntary plain language editing group that edited the webpage of the Estonian government concerning the COVID-19 crisis. The editing group received high recognition from the government and the Prime Minister.

Katrin has a background of an interpreter and she has worked as a national expert for the European Commission in Luxembourg in 2012—2013. She also provides linguistic and terminological assistance to the Estonian translators in the EU institutions. Katrin has a Master’s degree in Philology.

She loves gardening and guitar music.

The Estonian clear language team assisting the government with the crisis of COVID-19

Katrin Hallik, Senior Language Planner, The Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonia

In March the Estonian government created a webpage to inform people about new regulations and provide verified information about the crisis.


A section called Questions and Answers gathers citizen inquiries from main government agencies. The previously dispersed information was assembled into one platform and it urgently needed structure and linguistic assistance.

In two days a team of volunteer Estonian language editors and Russian and English translators was compiled and the basics of clear language basics was taught.


For 3 months we kept editing every free moment.


I hope you will get some inspiration to use any opportunity to show the benefits of clear language. Critical times need clear language more than ever. We got clear language principles straight into the heart of government communication.


Useful Resources:


shows the government Questions and Answers section in English. 

is a web page for the Estonian Clear Communication Award and provides resources about clear language in general.