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Iske van den Berg

I want to understand the world from your point of view. – James P. Spradley

Iske is the managing director of the Corporate Research Consultancy, a firm specializing in qualitative research. She has 30 years of experience in her field. Recently, she has conducted qualitative research in the field of financial inclusion in a wide range of African and Asian countries.


Iske holds Masters degrees in Business Leadership, and Afrikaans and Dutch. Her work focuses on financial, socio-political, sociolinguistic, communication and media research. When not working, you will find Iske in nature, exploring beautiful South Africa.

Handwashing communication in South Africa:

A case study in knowing your audience

Sarah Slabbert, BHI32, South Africa

Nadja Green, Plain Language Institute, South Africa

Iske van den Berg, CRC, South Africa

One of the main health messages to stop the spread of COVID-19 is “Wash your hands! For 20 seconds. With running water and soap. Repeatedly. Every time you’ve touched any surface that might be contaminated.”

But how do you follow these instructions if you have to fetch water with a container from a community tap a kilometre from your home? Or your toilet is a pit latrine in the corner of your yard?

In this video, you will hear the voices of ordinary people who had to make sense of the official communication that they received and see the ingenious solutions that some came up with.

You will also hear how organisations rose to occasion to address this challenge in their communication