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Hugo Sousa

Doing my best for a more inclusive world

Hugo is a plain language expert working at Claro, a Portuguese consulting and training company that helps businesses and government agencies to simplify their communication, abolishing the barriers created by overly complex language.

He is a board member of Access Culture, a not-for-profit association that promotes access – physical, social and intellectual – to cultural participation. Hugo is also part of an expert commission that monitors artistic projects funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

Simplifying a Judicial Notification

Hugo Sousa, Plain Language Expert at Claro, Portugal and José Luís Dias, Deputy Director General of Direção-Geral da Política de Justiça, Portugal

In Portugal, the small claims procedure is used to facilitate and speed up debt recovery. Every year, the Ministry of Justice sends 200,000 such notifications to debtors. However, until 2018, understanding them was not an easy task. The consequences for debtors could be late payment interest, asset seizure and court fees.


Join us in this presentation to learn how we rewrote and redesigned this notification, leading to astonishing outcomes.


Useful resource for participants: Case study about this notification (in Portuguese)