Ginny Redish



Everything we write is part of a conversation with our readers. That's why we should write as if we are talking with them.


Ginny Redish has been a passionate evangelist for useful and usable content, plain language, and usability for more than 40 years. In her “semi-retirement,” Ginny continues to give occasional workshops, work on a few projects, and volunteer with the Center for Plain Language and other professional organizations.


Ginny's most recent book, Letting Go of the Words — Writing Web Content that Works, still gets rave reviews: "amazingly helpful," "the best book," "the definitive book for web writing." And, as one reviewer wrote, "the principles also work on paper."


Using content strategy to promote access for all (or How to be strategic about

plain language)


To sustain an innovation like plain language in any organization (or just in your own work), you need to think strategically — not just piece by piece. No matter what types of communication you work on or what domain you cover, you need a well-planned content strategy to meet both your readers' needs and your organization's goals. In this session, I'll help you know the what, why, and how of content strategy.


Join this presentation to:

  • understand the difference between strategy and tactics

  • learn how to develop a content strategy

  • for any scope within an organization

  • for yourself (A content strategy will help you stay consistent in your own work.)

  • get tips and techniques for dealing with obstacles to getting to a useful and usable content strategy

  • see some tactics to carry out your content strategy

  • be inspired to use content strategy to make access for all a critical part of everyone's work


Two useful resources: