Geri Baumblatt


[Clinicians] serve not only as the gatekeepers to effective treatments, but also as explainers, encouragers, and partners in [patients’] efforts to act on [their] own behalf. – Jessie Gruman


Geri designed a suite of patient education products and oversaw the creation of a large multimedia and interactive voice response patient engagement library at Emmi. She’s currently creating a patient education content clearinghouse on the free Docola care communication platform. She’s written and spoken about health literacy and patient engagement for 20 years at hundreds of conferences, has co-authored outcomes research, and is a co-founder of the Difference Collaborative Alliance, which advocates for and conducts research on family caregivers.


Geri has a masters in literature and writing from the University of Denver where she was a teaching fellow. Over the last 22 years she’s designed hundreds of print and interactive patient and clinician education and decision aids utilized at over 500 hospitals and clinics. She serves on the Journal for Patient Experience, the Patient Experience Policy Forum, the Society for Participatory Medicine, Patient Advocates Transforming Healthcare, and the American Telemedicine Association. Geri loves to play tennis, travel, and go to concerts in the park.