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Frances Gordon

If lawyers and content teams collaborate effectively, we’ll be able to rid the business world legalese and small print.

Frances started her career in education – writing materials for students with low literacy in English. She moved into the corporate sphere in the late 1990s to focus on information design and clear writing. In 2005, Frances co-founded Simplified, a training course that’s helped over 9,000 professionals to transform complicated content into clear and compelling messages. Permanent roles include Head of Content Strategy (EMEA) at Siegel & Gale, Head of Content at SaaS company, Oradian and Senior Content Strategist at Barclaycard. 

Frances likes to train content specialists how to draft legal content – and legal professionals how to use best practices in content when they draft. Frances has presented at many conferences, including PLAIN, Clarity, TechComm UK, Content Strategy Applied, GatherContent, CS Forum and Confab. She’s also a lecturer for the Master’s  Degree in Technical Communication and Localization (University of Strasbourg).


Helping people to know their rights if they are arrested

Candice Burt and Frances Gordon, Simplified, South Africa

To give people access to justice, we need to speak their language. Despite a progressive Bill of Rights, South Africans who are arrested are faced with an impenetrable wall of text that supposedly explains their rights to them. Sometimes in a language they read, sometimes not. In both cases, it’s written and printed in an inaccessible format using complicated legal wording.


This presentation will give ideas on:

  • Using friends and family as a channel for improving access to justice

  • Giving a priority to digital and voice channels over printed text and visual aids

  • Making sure that communication covers as many home languages as possible

  • Using information design principals effectively.


Please read how to measure plain language

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