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Florence Cols

Understanding is one of the first steps towards a feeling of justice.

Florence has been a legal design expert at Droits Quotidiens for 10 years. She works to make laws understandable and accessible for all, mainly by:

  • explaining rights and obligations in plain legal language;

  • creating visuals;

  • and helping professionals to rewrite their legal documents 


Florence is a legal design expert consultant for several public and private organizations in Belgium. She is also the Belgian country representative for Clarity International. Florence loves sports, music and nature and holds a Masters degree in Law, and in Law & Health Ethics.

Better Access to Criminal Justice Thanks to a Re-styled Letter of Rights

Florence Cols, Legal Design Expert at Droits Quotidiens, Belgium

You can use Legal Design to make official legal documents accessible for any person. I’ll show you that it works, with the Belgian Letter of Rights. This document is given to persons under arrest, explaining their rights.


Turning the Letter of Rights into an accessible and understandable document is the first step to help persons under arrest exercise their rights and to reach a fair trial.

Participants will see concrete examples of “before-after” of official legal documents, discover a UX rewriting process (UX = user experience), learn how to work with field actors to help less secure persons, and dare to use legal design techniques for legal information and official documents.

See one example of the “Access Just” project, explained in Vera Gergely’s presentation.

Two useful resources for this presentation: