Eliisa Pitkäsalo



Art is a line around your thoughts. – Gustav Klimt


Eliisa Pitkäsalo is a researcher of multilingual communication. Her research includes topics such as multimodality in translation and the visual narrative structure of comics. She currently leads the Graphic Justice research project at Tampere University, Finland, which examines how verbal contents of contracts can be transferred into comics. 


Eliisa received her PhD in Cultural Studies and she is Adjunct Professor in the field of Multilingual Translation Studies. Her recent research focuses on the interaction between word and image in comic contracts: she examines how legal documents can be translated into comics without losing their value as legally binding texts. 


Comic-style documents and information design (or How to create comics that make sense)

Presented by: Anne Ketola & Eliisa Pitkäsalo 


We discuss the potential and the challenges of comic-style documents from the perspective of information design: How do we create comics in a way that makes them most accessible for their users? We introduce a research project that creates comic-style documents to be used in social welfare communication and discuss the general principles of (re)structuring and simplifying document contents in the process of turning them into comics.


Join this presentation to: 

  • learn about the potential of comic-style communication

  • discover how the principles of information design can be applied to comic-style communication 

  • get practical ideas for creating comic-style documents


Two useful resources:

“The cartoon introduction to digital ethics” produced by The European Data Protection Supervisor: https://edps.europa.eu/data-protection/our-work/publications/other-documents/european-data-protection-supervisor-presents_en