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David Lipscomb

(He, Him, His)

David Lipscomb is the Vice Chair of the Center for Plain Language, where he leads the Federal Report Card. He is also an assistant professor and the Director of the Writing Center at Georgetown University.


In his three decades as an educator, David has also taught at Columbia University and Wake Forest University and has honed writing skills at Kellogg’s, the American Red Cross, Veterans Affairs, and dozens of other organizations.


Currently, he serves on the board of the International Federation for Plain Language and the drafting committee that is developing the first ISO Standard for Plain Language. 

2020 Federal Report Card

David Lipscomb, Vice Chair of the Center for Plain Language

David will announce the results of the 2020 Federal Report Card.  This year, the Report Card examined the Coronavirus pages created by top federal agencies, including the15 cabinet-level agencies.  In this, the 10th anniversary of the Plain Writing Act, David Lipscomb will also talk with Barbra Kingsley and Kathryn Catania about how the Report Card has helped keep the law at the top of the agenda for agencies.