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Plain language is at a tipping point: 

  • Government understands that clear, public-facing information saves time and promotes cooperation.

  • Private industry sees that clear communication builds trust and customer loyalty and saves money.

  • Lawyers know that well-informed clients make better decisions and can participate more fully in their own cases.

  • Courts know that justice is better served when all litigants understand the law and what’s expected of them, with or without traditional legal representation.


ACCESS FOR ALL gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a clear communication leader within your industry.

  • You will be promoted as a plain-language leader on our website, in our social media, in our publications.

  • You will build your company’s brand, with plain language as a distinguishing feature.

  • You will participate in lively discussions about plain language practices in writing, training, and testing as well as conversations about access, the law, ethics, and business practices

  • You will have international participants see your commitment to plain language and good business.

  • You will have a stellar credential to use with clients, peers, and regulators.

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