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Chantale Audet

“We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.”
-Margaret Mead

Chantale Audet is an anthropologist with a teaching certificate. She co-founded “Autrement dit,” a plain language consulting firm headquartered in Quebec, Canada. “Autrement dit” helps governments and private organizations communicate in plain language. Integrating clients and target audience into processes is the firm’s greatest strength. Testing with target audiences is an integral part of these processes.

Chantale previously worked for 15 years for the Quebec National Institute of Public Health. For ten years, she was the redactor-in-chief of the guide From Tiny Tot to Toddler, which is distributed to every new parent in Quebec. Health literacy, women’s health rights and international development are her great motivators.


Writing With and For Young Autistic Adults: Involving The Target Audience When Producing Financial Literacy Material

Or How the Plain Language Process Tailors Messages into a Memorable Style

Presented by Chantale Audet, cofounder of Autrement dit, plain language consultant, Quebec, Canada

Who knows best about their information needs? Need a hint? Your target audience! That is why, consulting and including young autistic adults, their parents, and support professionals was undisputable for the project l am presenting. In order to develop financial literacy educational material for young autistic people, we decided to engage in a consultative process following plain language principles. The result was a series of informational documents that gave young autistic adults access to financial information that is truly tailored to their needs.


Join this presentation to learn about:

  • the added value of a consultative approach for designing tailored plain language information

  • how to plan and develop a plain language project in partnership with members of the target audience

  • identifying the skills needed to work with members of the target audience



Two useful resources:

  1. Cheak-Zamora N.C. et al., (2017) “Financial Capabilities Among Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder”, Journal of Child Family Studies. 26: 1310-1317.

  2. Hordacre AL., (2016) Understanding Everyday Money Skills for Young People with Disabilities. Adelaide: Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University of South Australia.