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Candice Burt

I believe that people have the right to understand information that affects their lives – legal, financial, medical and political.

Candice is an internationally known plain-language lawyer who passionately advocates for clear credit agreements, insurance policies, investment disclosures, lease agreements, medical consents, privacy statements and legislation. For over 20 years, she’s helped organisations around the globe to transform legal, financial, technical and medical jargon into clear,understandable and accessible content. In 2005, she co-founded Simplified, a plain-language training and consultancy firm.

 Candice believes that writing well can raise people’s profiles and advance their careers. She coaches legal professionals in effective writing principles so that they can progress to partnership in their firms. She’s also a lecturer for the Master’s Degree in Technical Communication and Localization (University of Strasbourg). Candice is a past president of Clarity International.

Helping people to know their rights if they are arrested

Candice Burt and Frances Gordon, Simplified, South Africa

To give people access to justice, we need to speak their language. Despite a progressive Bill of Rights, South Africans who are arrested are faced with an impenetrable wall of text that supposedly explains their rights to them. Sometimes in a language they read, sometimes not. In both cases, it’s written and printed in an inaccessible format using complicated legal wording.


This presentation will give ideas on:

  • Using friends and family as a channel for improving access to justice

  • Giving a priority to digital and voice channels over printed text and visual aids

  • Making sure that communication covers as many home languages as possible

  • Using information design principals effectively.


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