This conference marks the first time Clarity International, the Center for Plain Language, and Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) have joined together to celebrate clear communication. It is the first virtual plain language conference. Traditionally, Clarity International and PLAIN alternate hosting in-person conferences around the globe. We hoped to see everyone in person this year, but a virtual conference keeps us all safe during the pandemic and makes the conference more accessible for all.  

To learn more about any of our conference hosts, including how to join one of the organizations, visit the links below.

Clarity International Logo

Clarity was started by solicitor, John Walton, who believed that legal writing was archaic and over-complicated. Wondering if other lawyers felt the same way, Walton wrote a letter to the UK Law Society Gazette inviting solicitors and barristers to be part of Clarity. Twenty-eight people responded and Clarity was formed.

Center for Plain Language Stacked Logo

The Center for Plain Language, a non-profit organization, helps government agencies and businesses write clear and understandable communications. The Center supports those who use plain language, trains those who should use plain language, and urges people to demand plain language in all the communications they receive, read, and use.

PLAIN Logo.png

Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) is the international association for plain language supporters and practitioners around the world. Our growing network includes members from over 30 countries working in clear communication in at least 15 languages.

We hope you will join us during the first of our two events, this October 13 – October 15, 2020, and help us champion Access for All through Plain Language.
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